In pursuit of the perfect cup

At Hi-Fi, we stand for quality. We're born optimizers and engineers that seek to build the perfect caffeine delivery experience. We aim to open a full-fledged shop and roaster in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year 2021. We currently have a distribution network setup and roast in small batches for a few midwest businesses and private customers. 

Hi-Fi started going down coffee the rabbit hole in 2004 and never looked back. The sound engineer founder had a quest for perfect audio. After experiencing life changing coffee and west coast models of caffeine distribution, the founder decided to figure out how to replicate a perfect cup of coffee. The first Ethiopian Yerg blend through a v60 blew his mind and inspired a series of incredible ideas, passion and energy. 

The main goal of this shop has been to replicate that experience for others. 


We hope that by educating the midwest on rare, high end, and intricate coffee processes, we can inspire a wave of change. We strive to provide the most wonderful coffee experience to the most people possible. We will focus on building a brand around seeking mind blowing coffee, and pairing coffee with the emotion of high fidelity audio visual experiences. 

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